Looking ahead

Imagine a world where educators can learn from their contextual peers.
We have a plan to get there.

2021 2022

Reaching consensus and releasing shared language

We led a sector-wide effort and reached consensus on 10 variables used to describe edtech implementation contexts. These variables are defined in the EdTech Context Framework and can be measured using the EdTech Context Inventory. Educators and other edtech stakeholders can now use shared language to describe implementation contexts and explore variances.

2021 2022

Collecting data

We partnered with state organizations to collect data from educators in Alabama, Nevada, and Utah. We recruited a representative sample of PK-12 math teachers and administrators who took two surveys so we could learn about:

  • The classrooms and schools in which they work, and
  • The education technology they use to support student learning.

These educators shared their edtech experiences and helped provide the foundational data to populate the Exchange.

2022 2023

Scaling up

Our Exchange Platform is positioned for scale, and we will collect data on additional content areas. We will disseminate contextual information to every school in the country, and we will be able to measure how much implementation has improved.

2023 2024

Influencing edtech decision-making at scale

The Exchange Platform is now a destination for information about edtech implementation and our work is influencing edtech decision-making at scale.


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