The EdTech Evidence Exchange helps educators and education leaders make better informed decisions about education technology.

Beyond simply considering whether products work, we’re helping discover when, where, and how they work.

Who We Serve and Support


We provide educators, institutional leaders and students access to information they need about the tools that may fit their needs.
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EdTech Decision-Makers

We help educators, institutional leaders, and other buyers to make more informed selection decisions.
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Education Philanthropists

We define, collect, and analyze a new generation of contextually relevant data to enable funders to derive more value from their edtech investments.
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What We Do

Collect & Share

We provide educators stipends and support to document their experiences on the front lines of EdTech implementation.

Research Symposium

We convene community members to examine research and data to surface and address critical research needs.

Exchange Live Events

We bring together educators and institutional leaders — without vendors — to share real-world experiences, challenges, perceptions, and insights.

Core Insights Series

Our community of experts publish lessons learned and actionable information about edtech implementation analysis and efficacy research.

The EdTech Genome Project

The EdTech Evidence Exchange is coordinating a collaborative, sector-wide initiative called “The EdTech Genome Project.” This effort engages educators, researchers, experts, and industry leaders to identify and to create measurement instruments for what matters most in education technology implementation.

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"Our current system for discovering, selecting, and implementing education technology is not just broken. It’s not even a system. It’s more than three hundred thousand highly fragmented educators and institutional leaders nationwide doing their best to make decisions with insufficient data. We owe it to them, to our students, and to ourselves to work together to gather, analyze, and share highly detailed feedback from those on the front lines of technology implementation. If we do this well, we can start to understand how and why various technologies struggle in some schools and institutions and thrive in others."
— Robert Pianta, Dean of University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development, and Board Chair, the EdTech Evidence Exchange

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