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The EdTech Evidence Exchange defines, collects, and analyzes a new generation of contextually relevant data that educators can use to select edtech tools that are more likely to be the right fit for their contexts and local environments.



We partner with thousands of educators across subject areas and grade levels to collect information about the context and circumstances that shape the outcomes of edtech implementations. We provide partner educators with stipends and technical assistance to support the documentation of the work they’re already doing to implement and evaluate the efficacy of edtech solutions in the classroom. Our partner educators gather and share information about the tools they use, the characteristics of their learning environment, and their experiences leveraging tools to support student learning.

To help identify educators to participate in our data collection, we work closely with organizations, associations, and institutions that focus on specific content or grade levels. Our aim is to build a sample that reflects the diverse perspectives and backgrounds that make up the field, including educators with varying levels of technological and instructional expertise who work in settings from pre-K through college.

If you are an edtech user who would like to partner with the EdTech Education Exchange, visit Participate to learn more.

EdTech Decision-Makers

We value the perspectives of decision-makers who are willing to share information about the tools they choose, the considerations that drive their decision-making, and the environments in which their tools are implemented. We provide these decision-makers with stipends to support their efforts. Our goal is to curate diverse perspectives that represent the varying levels of technical expertise of practitioners from pre-K through college, across a range of learning environments.

If you are an edtech decision-maker who would like to partner with the EdTech Education Exchange, visit Participate.

Education Philanthropists

The EdTech Evidence Exchange collaborates with philanthropy to guide our research, and align our work with their goals and mission. Donors with strong interest in supporting the education of English Language Learners, for example, might partner with us to prioritize research focused on better understanding the variables that impact the implementation of tools designed to help educators improve outcomes for English Language Learners.

Philanthropic partners also fund stipends and technical support that we provide directly to educators and other decision-makers in exchange for the time and experiences that they contribute to our research projects. We believe that by compensating those who are already doing the work of edtech implementation we can collect an entirely new category of contextually relevant data. We’re pioneering an approach to collecting feedback from the field that will democratize the decision-making process, and offer unprecedented insight into the environments where edtech succeeds.

If you are an education philanthropist who would like to partner with the EdTech Education Exchange, visit Participate to learn more.

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