Peer-Reviewed Research Not a Must-Have for Many K-12 Officials

EdWeek Market Brief
Sean Cavanagh
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Classroom products that have undergone peer-reviewed research have cleared a lofty bar for proving their merits. But that doesn’t mean that K-12 officials will be impressed with the evidence at hand.

A recently released survey, in fact, has found that just 11 percent of district administrators and teachers said they would flatly reject buying or adopting an ed-tech product if it lacked peer-reviewed research behind it.

The findings were part of a project led by a working group of researchers, school officials and others studying the uses of evidence in educational technology. The working group emerged from a symposium staged earlier this year by Jefferson Education Accelerator, a commercial project that pairs education companies with school districts and independent researchers; and Digital Promise, a nonprofit that tries to promote the effective use of research and technology in schools.

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