FAST COMPANY: This project aims to change how schools adopt technology

Fast Company
Tim Newcomb

Educators in the United States spend $13 billion annually on ed tech but have no way to collectively track the success of those technology tools. That’s why the EdTech Evidence Exchange, part of the University of Virginia, has launched the EdTech Genome Project — to create a framework to give K-12 school and district decision makers a tool for making more informed choices when it comes to purchasing and implementing classroom technology.

The project, which began late last year, includes a 27-member advisory board of academic researchers, educators, technology investors, union leaders and representatives of philanthropic organizations. “There’s nothing more powerful than an accomplished teacher with access to the best tools,” says Peggy Brookins, CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and an advisory board member. “For too long, though, educators and school leaders have operated without a clear framework to understand how best to choose and implement technology that fits in the classroom and actually elevates great teaching and learning.”

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