Ambitious Initiative Brings Together Education Sector to "Map the EdTech Genome"

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Jefferson Education Exchange
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WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A new first-of-its-kind initiative, announced today, will create an evidence-based framework to help educators make better-informed decisions about what technology to use in their classrooms -- and how to implement it most effectively. Coordinated by the nonprofit Jefferson Education Exchange, the EdTech Genome Project will be overseen by a diverse group of educators, association leaders, researchers, and technology experts who represent the most influential voices in the national conversation on education technology.

"Teachers are on the frontlines of decision-making about what technology to use in the classroom. Getting useful information to address the needs of students in our specific contexts helps us provide an equitable education," said Alexander Kmicikewycz, a teacher at Chicago Public Schools. "That's why teacher voice is so important in education research -- and why it's so exciting to be part of a research project that is bringing together stakeholders from across the education community to tackle such a significant challenge for educators."

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