10 Factors that Help Determine EdTech Success or Failure

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Shawna De La Rosa
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Dive Brief:

The EdTech Genome Project, an initiative of the nonprofit Jefferson Education Exchange aimed at helping schools and districts make better-informed decisions when purchasing ed tech solutions, has determined 10 factors that influence whether classroom tech implementations will succeed, with further study on these variables occurring over the coming year.

Each year, educators spend more than $13 billion on edtech tools and products, but the vast majority of purchases go unused or are not implemented effectively.

The 10 factors identified are:

  • Implementation
  • Competing priorities
  • Foundational resources
  • Implementation plans
  • Professional learning support
  • School culture
  • Teacher agency/autonomy
  • Teachers' beliefs about their tech ability
  • Technological pedagogical content
  • Vision for how tech assists in learning

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