Sara Friedman

A recent survey of teachers shows 17 percent of educators are interested in learning the most about technology trends, according to preliminary findings from the Jefferson Education Exchange.   Fifteen percent of educators expressed an interest in following trends in trauma and mental health, and 10 percent are interested in equity trends.  In addition, 8 percent of educators want to learn about trends in educator talent.

“[Educators] identified both big themes and smaller ideas within those big themes that they want to see research on.  We have that research … and we need to figure out how to communicate this information out because they are craving this information to help them out in their classrooms,” said Emily Barton, JEX’s director of implementation research at a Nov. 27 conference from JEX and the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences.

The survey collected findings of 510 K-12 educators including teachers, administrators and coaches as of Nov. 19.  The results are just preliminary findings, and not all numbers add up to 100 percent of respondents. A final survey report is expected in early January.

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