30 K–12 IT Influencers to Follow in 2022

by Rebecca Torchia

As education undergoes continuous digital transformation, these creators, collaborators and innovators are excelling as ed tech leaders.

There is no innovation without innovators.

This year, EdTech sought out the IT innovators and collaborators who are making meaningful changes in K–12 education. Their work is driving the next iteration of educational technology and digital transformation.

As K–12 leaders struggle to find balance with the right technological tools, the achievements and challenges in education, and a sustainable path forward, it may feel as though school districts are at a precipice. Yet, in the face of these difficulties, ed tech leaders around the world are using their expertise and their influence to drive education forward. From creating resources to cultivating discussions, these influencers are forward-thinking and solutions-focused. We’re excited to highlight the work, mindset and innovation of 30 such leaders in this space. If you’re featured among the 2022 K–12 IT influencers to follow, be sure to share the good news, support your fellow influencers and grab an IT influencer cover image for your own social media profiles or websites.

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